HKGCC Laments Rejection of Constitutional Reform Package

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce deeply regrets LegCo members’ decision to reject the Government’s proposal for amending the “Method for Selecting the Chief Executive by Universal Suffrage.” Chamber Chairman Y.K. Pang said to see the dream of Hong Kong people’s right to elect their next Chief Executive smashed is heartbreaking.  He hopes everyone can put aside their differences and join hands to drive economic growth and improve people’s livelihood.

In recent years, the issue of constitutional reform has led to tense disputes within Hong Kong and halted the city’s development. Numerous opinion polls have indicated that the majority of Hong Kong people supported the proposal to elect the Chief Executive by “one person, one vote.” The Chamber is deeply saddened by LegCo members’ decision to vote against public opinion. It also expressed concerns that this unresolved issue will lead to further instability and polarization of the community, which will undermine Hong Kong’s social and economic stability.

“The Chamber hopes that different political parties, groups and citizens can put aside their differences and come together to focus on boosting economic development and improving people’s livelihood,” said Pang. “At the same time we should strive to make Hong Kong a better place in which to live and work through effective governance and social harmony.”

Since the start of 2015, Hong Kong’s economy has slowed dramatically, resulting in uncertain career prospects for many people.  He urged the small group of radicals to stop protesting against Mainland visitors, and instead focus on joining hands to boost the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong.  He also hopes that LegCo will pass the proposed establishment of the Innovation and Technology Bureau as soon as possible to drive development of the sector. This would provide more employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for young people. Moreover, he called for the construction of the third runway to commence as soon as possible to maintain Hong Kong’s competitiveness.

The Bangladesh Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong Limited