About The Chamber

Bangladeshi Business firms started to establish businesses in Hong Kong just three decades ago. Initially only a few companies had registered in Hong Kong. The number has increased a lot during the last two decades. These numbers are increasing day by day. The majority of Bangladeshi companies registered here are from the garments sector. Apart from that, finance, electronics, chemicals, commodities, shipping and trading sectors are also performing well in Hong Kong. These companies are contributing to a remarkable share in economic development of Hong Kong. Bangladesh imported USD1.45 billion of goods from Hong Kong and exported USD230 million of goods to Hong Kong last year. The above figures shows that, the Bangladeshi business community in Hong Kong is doing quite well and is expanding at a remarkably fast rate. In order to cope with the rapid expansion, the community has considered that this is a high time to form a Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. Therefore, the Bangladeshi community of Hong Kong has established a Chamber by the name of “Bangladesh Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong Limited.

Bangladesh Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong Limited (“BMCCHK”) was established in Hong Kong in October 2014 with the 6 founder members and the Consul General of Bangladesh for Hong Kong as the Ex-officio Chief Patron. Later, in 2015 an Executive Committee consisting of 11 members was formed through an election process to run the Chamber for a two year term.

The BMCCHK is the legal representative of Bangladeshi business community in Hong Kong. Its goal is to make a strong and sophisticated bridge between the business communities of Bangladesh and Hong Kong as well as China. In order to create more business and investment opportunities for its members and associates, this Chamber is working very hard to collect and disseminate related information.

Its journey started with about 50 Bangladeshi companies of Hong Kong as its general members. Now more members of different categories such as Associate and Individual are showing interest to join BMCCHK.

Since the formation of BMCCHK, the Executive Committee had met some leaders of other Chambers of Hong Kong, some dignitaries including Minister and State Ministers of Bangladesh and exchanged views about new opportunities and areas where the parties can work together for mutual benefits. The Executive Committee of BMCCHK had received very positive responses and cooperation from its counter parts so far.

The Bangladesh Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong Limited