President’s Message

Dear Visitor,

It is my pleasure to be elected as President of The Bangladesh Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong during these challenging times. I believe that in the coming years, our business community will recover, modernize, and refocus to meet the needs of our diverse, fast-growing, and ever-changing community post-COVID.


Our main goal will be helping Chamber Members get through the many challenges and difficulties faced during the pandemic & economic crisis. As we continue to see restrictions lifting and people getting back to work, I look forward to pushing ahead with our goals to support our community and make the Chamber an effective link between the businesses in China, Bangladesh, and Hong Kong.


We have very talented, experienced, diverse, and engaged Executive Committee members who can bring exciting changes to Chamber programming and events!  


We especially want to do something for our members who may not have found value in the Chamber in the past to think otherwise.   


 We know that our effectiveness in helping your business succeed is not based on us telling you what you need, but rather members are telling us what they need so that we can work together in finding the best solutions. 


Here at the BMCCHK, we invite all our members to help us achieve success together as a community, and we look forward to reaching our common goals. We ask that you become engaged by joining the Chamber and become an active member through our various committees. 


One of the most feasible opportunities we have is helping our chamber members and local businesses get more online visibility, get funding to survive or expand.   


And now that COVID-19 restrictions are starting to ease up, we are looking forward to having our more traditional networking & in-person events soon.


We are here to connect, engage and create opportunities that will foster economic growth for your business. Please, do not hesitate to ask us for assistance. We can help with any questions or concerns that you may have.


Like all members of the new Executive Committee, I am committed to upholding the mission of the BMCCHK to serve our business community, promoting and supporting Bangladesh, Hong Kong & China’s businesses. We shall do our best to live up to these expectations as we move forward with determination, innovation, and flexibility for a successful future.

Sincerely Yours,

Dewan Saiful Alam Masud


The Bangladesh Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong Limited